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Post a random word

2011-01-27 22:53:23 by alternativesolution

Any word-- you decide! A thought, a noun, an adj or verb,
anything you think, anything absurd!

Yay for winter break

2010-12-20 16:20:24 by alternativesolution

Finals are over and I get to enjoy the month off :D Which means I'll be getting back to my music for once. My other post is kind of old, so here's something new to look at.

Also, thank goodness for peppermint sticks! Yummm.

At least I noticed it on time.

2008-05-23 21:39:10 by alternativesolution

Ahh..some uhh, new advice.

Don't put ice cream box covers on hot stoves. Especially Breyers.
It melts.
Nice, hot, gooey plastic. Black, too.


Okay, it's Monday now. ..I think? Haha, I'm off school so I'm a little off a schedule, as well. This post is just to say I'm going to be submitting more often than usual these months, despite studying for my SATs and volunteering. *cough* :D
So I've put up Break into the Confusion and Find yourself, which are probably some of my better works.

Now it's Wednesday. So I did end up submitting my new song. I'm actually thinking the title more suits this other song I haven't uploaded yet. Oh well. Go check it out if you want, and if you do, leave a review ;)

Monday again.
So. I need suggestions. Anyone know a shit user? I feel like spamming their page.

Happy Canada day, bitches!

Time flies by WAY too fast. Plus, happy belated 4th of July.

Wtf!? It's freaking August!! Man, this sucks. Also, my picture has gone from crap to semi-crap, all thanks to Paint and the shittiest mouse on the face of the Earth.
So, bow down to me, fools, and worship my SKILLS!! >:C

Hard drive..burned.......All projects...GONE...
..Will probably...submit 2 more songs...that I saved..on time..

Happy New Year! 2009 is right on time. But oh, if only the new year could've waited a while longer..
Well, I wish everyone good health and peace with many good things to come from this year :)

Okay...this is getting kind of old! Hehe. This summer's coming to a close.

At least I noticed it on time.

My 100th day on here!!

2008-04-02 20:52:01 by alternativesolution

No, I haven't been keeping track.


I realized when my posts per day matched up exactly to my total posts.
ex. 94 posts (0.94/day)
so then i did some math.

i opened up calculator, put in: dec(7) + jan(31) + feb(29) + (march)31 + apr(2) and got 100.
..basically the days of each month ever since i signed up.

So! My hundredth day on here!

*big applause*
* her head*

=DD haha i feel really hyper >:D

Also, I'm generally good with reviews, so if you would like me to take a look at anything, just leave a comment here or PM me.

**vesta's conscience claps hands proudly** "she's actually committing herself to do something! she'll finally stop being lazy!" *teardrop*

me: as if that's ever gonna happen.. ;)

yeah well, i just submitted a new song, Inequitable Equality . VERY different from my other ones--more detailed--and actually took less time to make.
haha :D
that's pretty amazing because usually my most amazing pieces (which aren't even up except for one of them thats pretty okay i think--the new one) are about 20-40 seconds completed in a couple of hours. they don't even have to have a lot of different instruments. you'll see one of mine--the next is definitely going to be calmer. and probably shorter. i created the second half which made it a 1 minute and 12 seconds--about a week ago. so its coming along pretty slow. i'd started it in early january i think..and its the end of february already.
hey, i might be confusing you, so if you're lost, well, then i guess you're lost :D
i take forever trying to explain myself. and that's weird. because i'm actually pretty good at rewording things later. i'm just not that great in real-time and all i'm trying to do is describe something i saw, which is usually impossible for me, since i make things very indescribable sometimes :D
okay, end of little ramble. i think i half-forgot what i even wrote at the beginning, haha
i tend to sidetrack a lot..
forgive me
also, i was acting really high today, lol ..more like delirious.. xD
i'm sick.

you know when you have the colds where at night after your shower you sneeze like 15 times and you need to carry a tissue around with you everywhere you go? (which would be around the house for And then the next morning you're stuffed up and crap?
and yesterday you had Orchestra MPA and embarrassed yourself because you read the second sheet of music from your final piece upside down and had to turn it around during performance?
And then end up getting a major stomach and bicep work-out because you had to carry this fat-ass bass around with you back and forth from the 'instrument storage room' to the practice room, and then to the auditorium, and back to a sightreading room, and then finally back to the storage room? (it even looked industrial-like O_O)
and so guess who feels feverish from the cold but actually doesn't have a fever, has body aches all over, plus the sore arms and stomach muscles (so it kinda hurt to laugh my ass off at lunch today),
took medicine at 6:33 in the morning before leaving for school, and then once again after school? (don't get me wrong--Benylin works 30 seconds later i wasn't aching as bad and i felt less stuffy--then you feel you can acutally go to school [i did -.-] and not have it wear off--even tho it did right before lunch. )
well, la réponse est moi.

that just pretty much explained my whole day :D
even tho that was a very biased and half-told i'd ramble further on, anyway
and right now you're probably like, " when the hell will this girl shut up?"
haha :D
well, take care!

heya !

2008-01-18 21:06:30 by alternativesolution

guess whaT?
i was finally able to upload my song!! :D:D
lol that may not seem like a big deal to you, but man..that really brought me down when i couldn't upload it.
i almost died.

but not really.
so all i did was check the sample rate, and it apparently was at 22.1 kHz instead of 44.1 in which it needed to be.
so no big deal, riight?
as if.
newgrounds is awesome! :D
now i can let the worl hear my music!! ^_____________^
well of course not the world..
because as of right now i am very unknown.. lol :D
soon, though, the world will come to know of the GREAT
*eviiillll laughter*
lmfao XD
ahaha i'm really hyper >:D
i shouldn't of had over-chocolatey chocolate milk and strawberry poptarts and a waffle in the morning..
okkay now i'm just rambling...
so basically i just submitted my first audio about 20 mins ago..
it'll prolli show up by 2mo