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Whoa, really digging the tune. I love how how epic it all sounds, in its own unique way. The drums definitely sound bigger and better in this new version. Gives it more kick.
I'm not sure how, but the transition at 0:18 actually sounds better in the original. I think it has less impact in this version when 0:19 hits. Might be because of the dying note at 0:17 sounds cut off too quickly as if it wasn't finished. This occurs in both versions, but it's more noticeable in this one. Aside from that, the song alone is really awesome. 0:19 to 0:28 is definitely favorite segment. This is going to be stuck in my head all day. :)
As for inspiration, if you're looking to extend it, ( I'm going off the original version, since that one is more 'complete') it could probably benefit by quieting down for a while and then building back up again to end on an epic note, or having an outto similar to the intro, to get that spacey feel back in. Dunno. Go crazy with it!

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MetalRenard responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I'll look into your points.
I'm thinking of ways to include vocals, I really want to sing some more. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece so far!

I just listened to the original to get some comparison. I like the segment you chose to use as your main melody, nice choice. Drums are even and flowy, perfect hats. Transitions at 0:34 and 2:15 were surprisingly smooth. What wasn't so smooth was the ending however. It didn't really felt like it 'ended'. The final notes could use a little sustain possibly, to make it sound more done. Overall this is a pretty nice remix, enjoyable to listen to. I think I just became a fan of the original OST, too.

MrSmash64 responds:

thx! i really couldn't think of an ending for this though. mind telling me specifically how this one should've ended? thx

EDIT - i didn't read your response completely. i skimmed. lesson learned, don't skim!

The composition is pretty nice. The piano samples could use a bit of tweaking, the hours spent on the growls were well worth it imo, they sound great. The song does suffer some repetition, but I think the segment around 1:50 helps to resolve that. 2:20-2:29 sounds a little muddy, but it's not terrible. Love that buildup righy before 2:50. The outtro definitely was super quick, I felt that was abrupt, could be done smoother. Overall energizing track. Keep it up!

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ggaero responds:

Thanks for the review :)

Hey, I love the melody! It's pretty uplifting to listen to, all around. The intro was well done, and the piano use throughout the track fits well. The snare volume starting from 0:45 could definitely be lowered, as I feel it takes away from the smoothness and impact of the melody. The transitions at 1:51 and 3:19 are very nice and satisfying. Overall a nice happy song, enjoyable :)

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Geoplex responds:

Thanks! I am a sucker for the loud snares haha. Cheers for the feedback

- NGADM Round 6 Review -

Oh, yes yes. Nice pull in the intro. I like this too much. At 0:28? Ffgdfgdf.

What I love most about your songs is the soul you can feel in it. Not just calculated melodies, or a clean mix, but what you do is bring a real “want to follow” for the listener, making them not want to stop listening. I really love the progression in this, and the amount of variation and how *well* it's done just makes me want to fangirl all over the place.

The transition at 1:03 is not as smooth as could be, but right out of that section into 1:16 almost makes up for it entirely. As for your atmosphere, this is the third most impressive aspect of your song, after variation and mixing (mixing was excellent). A true johnfn track. Great work! I apologize for the late review.
(Crazy alien music ftw)

Score: 9.6

johnfn responds:

The truth is that, from the beginning of my music career, I've been focused on one and only one thing: MAKING GIRLS FANGIRL OVER MY MUSIC. Now that I've finally accomplished this I guess I can move on to other (comparatively easier) goals like curing cancer and eliminating poverty.

But seriously thanks for the review! I'm glad for the shout out at :28, I was pretty pleased by the change in energy at that bit. I buy your complaints and I'm glad that you liked it :)

Thanks for all the work you've done for NGADM.

- NGADM Round 6 Review -

Plent of melodic variation! As characteristic of your songs, I love how there's so much going on at the same time, and nothing sounds out of place. Some particular favorite parts are at 0:22, 0:53, 1:10. The section starting at 1:10 sounded like it could used in a MarioKart race. The transitions at 0:43 and 1:10 were great; in fact, transitions are something that hardly even seem to exist when listening to this piece. The track is highly cohesive, and melodically very stimulating. After a while, however, the business in the song becomes too much, and as well as the lack of dynamic range which, even with the lively compositon, makes it somewhat stagnate in the entire middle section, considering the track's length. I liked your ending. It ended on the same, fast-paced note but also brought about a quick sense of conclusion. Overall, great track! My apologies for the late review.

Score: 9

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steampianist responds:

and here is a very late response: thank you ! hehe

- NGADM Round 5 Review -

Another one track recognizable as made by you. :) I like your melodic composition a lot, the bass, and the light, casual atmosphere you've established for the first three minutes. There are a couple of clashing notes in the piano, intentional or not, but they are quickly forgotten. My favorite parts are up til 1:10, and at 2:07.

The change at 2:25 is nicely done, and the buildup to 3:06 is melodically great - which brings me to my next point: the drums. Before that point, they are already a bit loudly mixed, which doesn't help its repetitive beat; afterward, they sound like an obstacle, getting in your way, preventing you from hearing the rest of the composition clearly. What offsets that later on is when you filter them out toward the end, easing their presence, leading them to the track's soft, well-suited outtro.

Score: 8.6

johnfn responds:

> clashing notes


.. Maybe you could point them out to me? :P

> drums lol

Yeah :( I've come to realize this was a mistake. I wonder how much better this song would have been without drums at all? Oh wellllll :P

Thanks for the review AS! I appreciate all the work you've done here.

- NGADM Round 5 Review -

You have a beautiful intoduction. The gentle harp and pads, along with the quiet waves create a soft, thoughtful mood that becomes lighter around 0:30. When the vocals come in, the mood becomes deeper. When they are first heard, however, they sound opposite of too loud – in fact, they had a somewhat restricted quality to them, as if the microphone is a bit too far away, particularly at 1:29. From 2:00 (my favorite is the singing in the last two verses; the composition is very soulful in that section, especially. Also, lyrically, the last verse is my favorite) onward, it balances out. There is also a lack of sound in the lower frequencies, which comes along from not having a bass-like instrument; this could be enhanced with some lower notes in the pads, instead. Overall, this is a nice song with good progression, unique melodies, relaxing atmosphere, and a great voice. :)

Score: 9

- NGADM Round 4 Review -

As I happened to remark to the same to etherealwinds, I do think this is my favorite track from you so far. You make very nice use of reverb on your voice, which mixes very well with the warmness of the piano and subtle backing strings. Where the mixing skills do lack is at 1:50, where the horns feel out of place and even a bit too full, causing the mids to sound muddled.

On the whole, I love the song's structure and simplicity. You sang very well and everything flowed nicely. As for the ending, it's similar to your previous tracks in that it feels very short and rapidly comes to a close, without leaving a sense of real conclusion. Also, I nearly to forgot to comment on the lyrics! I suppose my main opinion on them is that I rather like them, a lot. :) Great work!

Score: 9.5

headphoamz responds:

Thanks AS! Appreciate you taking the time to review. :)

- NGADM Round 4 Review -

Oh, this might just be my favorite track from you. I couldn't help but sing along and hum some harmonies! Very pretty. Your intro is wonderful, and 0:53 and 1:13 is just yes. You have a good sense of rhythm in your singing. Ah, the composition in this one is great. Outtro is done with no less skill. It's very lovely to listen to.

The only thing I feel I should point out is the vocal recording, itself – it is very clear, and clean; however, your voice doesn't mix with the rest of the track as well as your background vocals do, for example at 1:28 - they seem to hang above the rest of the instruments in an unnatural way. Still, this is an improvement over your previous tracks in regards to that. Overall, this a great song that I won't be likely to forget.

Score: 9.6

etherealwinds responds:

I uploaded a new version with the main vocals a bit quieter. Thank you so much for your review ^ ^

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